How Vivada Infotech helps Candor IVF initiated an attempt to tackle the women exploitation for problems in childbirth and spread awareness to inform the equally responsible Men for infertility by the campaign #હાતમેપણજવાબદારછો!

Client: Candor IVF Center

Year: May 2021

Objective: Branding

Category: Health Care

Tag: #હાતમેપણજવાબદારછો

FB Page: /candorivfcenter

Campaign Breakdown

Objective: Spread awareness to inform the equally responsible Men for infertility

Campaign Title:- #હાતમેપણજવાબદારછો

Campaign: May 2021

Categoty Introduction


The massive population of India has been facing the problem of infertility for a long. The In Vitro Fertility(IVF) technology has been proved a miracle in the lives of couples who wished their family tree to grow but somehow couldn’t make it possible. And therefore, IVF services have been highly accepted by the mass population to solve problems related to infertility. 

The massive development in Health infrastructure in the country has driven the medical segment to bring in the modest health care facilities in the country. Further, the growing urban lifestyle is creating an environment where the problem of infertility is on a continuous rise. And Hence, India being the third-largest consumer of IVF services, the segment can grow at an accelerating 17-19% CAGR annually. As in today itself, more than 1500 IVF facilities in India are performing around 2,50,000 cycles a year to make this industry about $600 million and compound its growth to reach $1500 million within the next few years.

Brand Introduction


Natural treatment and prioritized attention to every patient has been the core fundamentals of Dr. Jaydev Dhameliya, the Owner and the most senior IVF specialist at Candor. Since 2009 the facility has been serving patients to resolve their infertility issue, gaining a sincere name for their services and growing excellency throughout the last decade. The 6000 sq. ft. area of the facility is designed to develop the state-of-the-art OPD section, IPD section, Medical and Surgical Departments, and a complete technology-driven IVF center. A team of highly experienced and humble staff has been continuously working to serve the patients and stay on their toes during emergencies. The Candor IVF center has allowed many families to experience the joy of having their child and thus becoming the “Reasons behind their smile,” which also represents their Brand Mantra.

Problem Statement/Objective


The cultural aspect of the country has been suppressing infertility as a not-to-be-discussed issue within the community. And by default, making the women alone responsible for infertility has been a quick escape for the Men in the family. Therefore, Cando IVF attempted to Spread awareness of ‘Male Infertility” as an equal responsible reason to be highlighted. The Goal is to encourage Men to actively participate in solving the infertility problem and are sincerely welcome at their IVF center. 

Creative Idea


Sperm is the contribution by Men responsible for the birth of a child. Many movies and other content have familiarized the shape of the sperm to almost every person. Designing a special big sperm holding cycle to roam every corner of the city to attract the people around and provide them with informative pamphlets describing the issue of male infertility and the overall solutions of infertility served by Candor IVF.



Vivada Infotech curated the idea of designing a Sperm Bicycle to directly represent the intent of the campaign: “Male Infertility.” Posting the unique attempt on every digital platform to generate continuous booze over the topic. Generating the curiosity about a huge sperm roaming the city for a particular purpose, especially the Men. Responding to which providing them with a detailed pamphlet to withdraw the myth amongst the Male and teach them that they might also be the reason behind infertility through our campaign #હાતમેપણજવાબદારછો! 

Infertility is a subject about which many confusions stay hidden in the minds and hardly get resolved, especially among less educated ones. Obtaining the right and transparent information about infertility is vital for today’s generation. And thus, for the exact purpose, Vivada Infotech programmed a highly informative talk show presenting two of the chief experts in the field. With a decade of experience in Urology and Andrology, Dr. Chetan Sheladiya and the senior at Candor IVF Dr. Jaydev Dhameliya, find some of the most critical problems with male infertility and present the solutions for them through the medium of this talk show. The whole talk show has been introduced specifically in the regional Gujarati Language to spread the highest awareness amongst the entire community. Through the Digital Medium, Vivada Infotech requests each to watch this important video and share it with as many people as possible to spread the most required awareness about this hesitating topic.

Talk Show

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