Brief Introduction of the Camapaign

Client: Grocer-EEZ

Year: October 2020 (Navratri)

Objective: Branding

Category: Indian Grocery Store in Melbourne

Tag: #SafeवालीNavratri campaign

FB Page: /grocereez

Grocereez Contest case study

Campaign Breakdown

Objective:  Contest Started for Branding Purpose

Contest Title:-“Farali Food Masterchef of Melbourne 2020”

Contest Time Period:17th to 24th Oct 2020

Prize: Grocer-eez Gift-Voucher & Eggless Cake

Contest Summary

We started the contest event on 17th October 2020 & interested one can take part and shoot their Farali Food item making video (Recipe video) & send it via mail or WhatsApp.  The one winner gets a prize of eggless cake and remaining participated get a Gift Voucher from Grocer-EEZ. We announced a winner based on maximum likes and comments on the participant Recipe video.

How We Did It

First off all, we analyze & research by going through Facebook business profile. We lookout each metrics that matter like most of the customers are Indian living in West Melbourne, customer online/offline buying ratio, etc. And we approach a client with an idea of create content of “Farali Masterchef 2020” during navratri time as most of the Indian are to believe in having fasting during the navratri festival. And we got immense response (204% Post Engagement) as we expected from the campaign.

Participants of Grocer-EEZ Farali Food Masterchef 2020 Contest

Here are the few participants who celebrate Navratri with grocereez by teaching others to how to make farali items. Visit the grocereez facebook profile to see each entry in the contest.


As you can see on the image, we got a 204% increment in post engagement, 56% increment in page views, 215% increment video views & 213% boost in page followers.