Brief Introduction of the Camapaign

Client: Candor IVF Center

Year: December 2020

Objective: Branding

Category: Health Care

Tag: #Coupletofamily and #Newyearresolution Campgain

FB Page: /candorivfcenter

Candor IVF Center couple to family campaign

Campaign Breakdown

Objective: Let them have a thought of having a baby as new year resolution

Campaign Title:- #coupletofamily

Campaign: 24th Dec. 2020 to 31st Dec. 2020

Campaign Summary


We started the campaign on 24th December 2020, as our campaign aim was to let couples have a thought of having a baby as a new Year’s Resolution. During this time period, we created an eye-catching creatives and videos. And we fair to contribute to get a valuable traffic within 7 days.

How We Did It


We grab the opportunity of new year’s resolution, as many people think about taking resolution and have a new year’s resolution. We choose the time 1 week before the new eve as the perfect time to reach as many as couples. On the first day of campaign, we update facebook page cover image and upload a video.  Then after we posted a creative on Christmas and Candor team new year resolution toward patient and this helps us to get maximum engagement.  After that we posted a 2 creatives and 2 video one with title “માં હું આવું છું”. And the second video is about a public review video.

Creatives & Videos

baby crying candor ivf center campaign


As you can see in the image, we got a 503% increment in post engagement, 160% increment in post reach, & 400% increment video views.