Brief Introduction of the Camapaign

Client: Beladiya Eye & Dental Hospital

Year: February 2018

Objective: Teaser Campaign

Category: Health Care

Tag: Dr.B, Eye & Dental Care

FB Page: /beladiyahealthcare

Doctor.B campaign

Campaign Started

Campaign Summary

A good teaser campaign says almost nothing but somehow makes the audience stick around for the reveal. And we have been completed a successful teaser campaign back in February 2018 when beladiya eye & dental hospital going to opening a hospital at a new location. We came up with the name “Dr. B” as it is easy to remember & build curiosity in the audience’s mind this way, it helps a lot to stay connected throughout the campaign with the audience.  Here you can see we made a bunch of graphic design post to enhance curiosity to the audience.

Develop Curiosity

At first we only introduce to Dr.B to audience through creative graphic design post to develop curiosity into audience.

Increase Engagement & Create Informational Posts

Again day by day we regularly post some unknown facts in front of the audience.

Finally Reveal The Team Behind Dr.B

Finally Reveal through facebook live:

who is Dr. B?

who is behind the name Dr. B?

what surprise will be revealed by Dr. B team?

beladiya eye & dental hospital nana varachha

ફ્રી નિદાન કેમ્પ

Nearly 10000 people watched the Facebook live video. This offer has help Beladiya eye & dental hospital to have tremendous foot fall in his new opening hospital. Lots of people are taking in for a free checkup of eye and teeth during this offer as we all concern about healthy life.